YOUR PLACE Breakfast

Thick Toast w/butter & Jam 5.5

Toasted Granola, Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt and Honey 8.9

BLT Classic

Bacon,Lettuce, Tomato, Aioli Sauce on Turkish Roll 9.9

Croissant Ham and Cheese 7.9

Bacon & Egg(Your Way)

Sour Dough Toast 12.5

Banana Bread

Grilled & served w Butter 5.9

Kids Breakfast

Kids Bacon & Egg (one) 8.9

Kids Pancakes with Cream & Maple Syrup 8.9



Veg Wrap

Lettuce, Tomato, Avo, roast mushroom, halloumi 7.9

Egg Benedict

Bacon, Poach Egg, Baby Spinach with

Hollandaise Sauce on English Muffin 15.9

Pancake Canadian

Crispy Bacon, Ice-cream, Maple, Grilled

Banana 17.9

Light Breakfast

Egg (Your Way), Bacon,Roasted

Tomato, Sausage 14.9

Bonoffee French Toast

Whipped cream, maple syrup & Banana 11.9

Big Breakfast

Two Eggs(Your Way), Bacon, Baby Spinach, Balsamic roast Tomato, Grilled Mushroom, Sausage, Hash Brown, Gravy on side 19.5

Breaky Burger

Toasted Turkish Roll with Bacon,Fried Egg and Bbq Sauce 7.9

Smashed Avo

Smashed Fresh Avo & feta, Balsamic Roast Roma Tomatoes, Grilled Lemon on Sour Dough 15.9


Bacon 2.5

Grilled Halloumi 4.5

One Egg 2

Gluten Free Bread 3.5

Avocado 2.5

Hash Browns(2) 3.5

Two Sausage 4

Mushroom 2.5